What BES Accomplish?

Building Energy Services provide energy services such as retro-, re-commissioning, and commissioning, consulting, and project management. We’re providing innovative, independent and cost-effective energy and environmental management solutions supported by a suite of services for our clients.

BES has developed an effective project development approach which defines how energy efficiency of a system will impact on a building, tenants/occupants, and owners. The approach allows us to develop sustainable strategies defining specific energy efficiency opportunities for each client. 

For successful development and completion of every project, BES do:

visit the client’s location and discuss the operations of the facility.

establish a baseline energy usage of past utility information

analyze and develop a scope of potential energy efficiency

generate savings calculations in both electric and gas usage

review the energy report and commit to proceed with the installations

apply for energy incentive programs through utility companies, or other applicable programs

complete the installation and oversee close-out documents, warranty information and personal training

provide monitoring/oversight service continuously upon client’s request