Project Financial Options

There are many funding options available to help you pay for your defined energy efficiency projects.

Rebate Programs – Many utility companies offer rebate programs that provide cash incentive for purchasing qualified energy efficient improvements. These programs are often only available for a limited time, and are first come first served. Building Energy Services, LLC has taken part in such programs and can help your company take advantage of existing gas and electric rebate programs in your area. During the audit process, we will research and estimate the value of your potential rebates and will present them with the rest of the audit report.

Note Financing – This 100% financing option for qualified end users offers the flexibility of making payments at reasonable interest rates, or paying them off early without penalty. The capital expenditure is realized by the end user. Based on approval 12 to 60 month payment terms available. Benefits include the ability to spread the expenditure out over time.

Shared Savings – are for qualified clients that will share in savings over a period of time without having financial obligations of note and lease financing. The monthly savings from the respective utility bills are split based on predetermined percentages. The amount of savings is based off of measures and verifications, a process started before the first valve is installed. This shared arrangement can vary on length of years depending on the allocation of monthly savings.  Benefits include no out of pocket cost and no risk since you do not have to make a capital expenditure.

Lease Financing – Is 100% financing for a set period of time 12 to 60 months with no early termination. It is an installment plan. Once you commit to term you must complete all payments. The interest rate is higher than note financing. The benefits are a high approval rate and you do not take the capital expenditure.