Mixed-Use Housing Consulting

Energy and Sustainability Results

Energy efficiency, water conservation, managed recycling and waste programs seem so common place now. With the growing interest in GREENING, the recognition of the financial impact of implementing these programs are gaining widespread acceptance.

The task of understanding the multiple programs and opportunities for efficiency enhancements through various programs is a full time position. The multifamily sector is an area which is consistently under-served in utility grant programs.


Multifamily buildings are as different and varied in size and tenant use. Building Energy Services has a proven method of identifying the best path for balancing the needs of the tenant and the efficiency and simplicity of the systems that are required by owners.

Building Energy Services recommendations are consistent with HUD requirements and underwriting authorities for funding efficiency measures. At BES, we follow a methodical approach to evaluating opportunities:

Collect Basic Data:  Develop basic building energy usage, size and construction and occupancy profile.

Benchmark buildings to identify savings opportunities: Use standardized data reporting procedures to provide a clear and concise summary of opportunities.

Review outlined measures and discuss with management process, budgets, and timeframe:m Present utility funding opportunities and grant programs if the facility is eligible.

Upon approval to proceed, ensure effective implementation: Discuss long-term tracking methods to ensure savings are consistent with projections. This is central to the success of the efforts.

BES develops a holistic approach to identifying opportunities for reducing cost for maintaining the over-all complex. Determining the methods to maintain the existing systems while determining low cost measures to operate the existing systems

mixed_use_housing_02BES will work with management to identify the opportunities of upgrades and financial programs which can be accesses for upgrading services and equipment. In addition to physical opportunities a overall approach to develop training methods for the staff to identify areas which can be changed to better serve the tenants and lower service cost.

Having a managed plan to assist the staff is the goal of a sustainability plan which serves the tenants and owners work together to maintain the property.