Facility Assessments


A formal facility assessment is possibly the most productive and informative process available for identifying and tracking operational and infrastructural issues. It assesses systems operations, configurations, conditions and operating efficiencies, while looking for ways to maximize performance, extend the systems lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs through.

Building Energy Service has more than 30 years of experience in facility assessment activities with a broad spectrum of clients and facility types. We’ve worked in acute care hospital environments, biotechnology operations, medical dialysis centers, laboratories, data centers, office buildings, housing complexes, military bases, college and university campuses and more. 

Building Energy Services uses a systematic approach to evaluate existing operational operations. We evaluate current configurations, systems, conditions, capacities, component redundancies, remaining life cycle condition and cost.

The review is tailored to the specific needs of your facility which usually include recommended solutions, budgets and prioritization complete with implementation and scheduling assistance.

Areas include

  • Lighting and Controls
  • HVAC and Ventilation, Exhaust Systems
  • Building Envelope using IR Technology
  • Building Monitoring of Temperature and Lighting for Operational Baseline Diagnosis
  • Primary Power and Distribution
  • Building Physical Condition of Walls, Roof Structure, Windows and Code Requirement Conditions