Building Energy Services incorporates multiple technologies in developing an Energy Management Plan.

  • Building Envelope; evaluate the exterior condition of the facility and review general condition of weather sealing of doors, windows. Investigate interior insulation and open interior shafts and cracks, and evaluate heat loss with infrared heat loss camera.
  • Mechanical Systems;   review the existing conditions and operations of the heating, cooling, and water systems to define the overall condition of systems. Review the current settings and schedule’s
  • Power Load Profile; using technology software to define how the electrical power usage and demand is being used and when. Through color graphs and data, a quick analysis can be completed.

Building Data Logging; Using portable independent data loggers for establishing running time for lighting , heating temperatures, cooling equipment and water usage is very helpful to identify existing conditions and real time savings.

About Our Company

Building Energy Services LLC is a consulting and project Management Company providing innovative, independent and cost effective Energy and Environmental Management Solutions supported by a suite of services for our clients.

Working with an integrated network of support professionals, BES can expand and contract to assemble the right sized team with the talent and skill sets to best deliver the demands of individual projects for their clients. This approach ensures that BES can constantly deploy the best in the business, be cost efficient and exceed customer expectations.

BES’s differentiator is that we are an independent organization, and not aligned to, or owned by any particular product, system or corporation, and so can provide impartial advice to underpin any recommended solution or strategy. Couple that with BES’s ability and willingness to understand the client, BES becomes a valuable component of the business enablement process and a valuable partner to the client organization.

Our Approach:

Building Energy Services llc. has developed an effective project evaluation   approach which defines what energy efficiency means. The approach develops a sustainable strategy which defines specific energy efficiency opportunities which are both effective cost savings measures, and provide added value to the client asset.

Our services in this area comprise of:

  • Visit the client’s location and discussing the operations of the facility or building. Establish a baseline energy usage of past utility information.
  • Develop a scope of potential measures to determine a strategy and identify and calculate savings opportunities.
  • Final review of the energy report and commit to proceeding with the installations.
  • Apply for energy incentives through the utility programs, or other applicable programs.
  • Complete the installation and oversee close out documents, warranty information and personal training.

Energy Services


Understanding how your business is performing when compared to your sector peers is the beginning of creating efficiency savings to increase bottom line profits. BES will access your facility, regardless of size, log your facility energy use and provide a analysis review in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Evaluations and Audit

Building Energy Services, LLC provides evaluations and audit services to assist our clients to in developing efficiency projects. Understanding your programs and requirements allow us to provide documentation and calculations to obtain efficiency incentives is a key part of working with the Mass Save Program.

The Energy Star Review begins the process of identifying your operational opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


According to 2014 studies completed in Berkley Labs, retocommisssioning reduces energy use by 16%, pays for itself in 1.1 years and generates 91% return on cash for an ROI. This does not even include gains in personal productivity, or from reduced  absenteeism from better air quality and comfort control.

Facilities Assessments

BES provides a comprehensive PCA (Property Condition Assessment) for building owners and developers. The PCA identifies potential opportunities of a property. Some of the areas addressed are: energy efficiency retrofit opportunities, energy consumption & cost performance comparisons, and asset enhancement valuations.

Our Partners