Project in 2021

In 2021, Building Energy Services focused on retro-commissioning projects for multi-family senior housing facilities. For these projects, BES coordinated utility companies: National Grid and Eversource. BES developed [10] project including building control system, lighting, and HVAC upgrades. The projected cost of these projects is approximately $790,000.

As of January 1st 2022, [6] out of [10] developed projects are completed, worth of $478,000. And the other [4] projects are currently pending for review by utility companies for project cost funding.

To develop these projects, BES conducted and submitted saving calculations for each energy efficiency measure, proving these projects will reduce energy waste from the facilities. As a result, utility agreed on providing full funding for all [6] projects. Thus, the owner obtained these new and better HVAC systems without any out-of-pocket expense. At the same time, the owner and residents receive increased comforts, and decreased utility bills.